Desktop Info v3.9.0

Version 3.9.0
December 2022

This release has a high number of code changes for relatively few entries in the release notes which makes for a greater risk of breakage. Let me know in the forums (after you’ve read the changes) if you believe something is broken.

The old, deprecated NAV buttons in the [options] are gone. You must change over to the new NAV item now. Just add “NAV=global:-1” to the top of the [items].

Change 1: Added regular expressions as a common option. This helps you to massage the raw data before it is inserted into a display row or assigned to a variable. Just don’t ask me to write your regular expressions.

Change 2: Added the NETSTATS item to list network connections ala the netstat cmd tool. I’m still working on traffic statistics, that’s proving elusive.

Change 3: In the REG item, the value option can now handle the usual root key abbreviations: HKCR, HKCU, HKLM, HKU, HKCC.

Change 4: Added the REG2 item. This was written specifically so I can get the Windows uninstall list from the registry and is overall a better version of REG which may eventually be deprecated. The desktopinfo-advanced.ini file has a comprehensive uninstall display now.

Change 5: Added the WIDE key word. COMMENT is the only item that is natively WIDE.

Change 6: Fixed an issue with incorrect chart background colours in some circumstances.

Change 7: Fixed an issue with hyperlink background colours in some circumstances.

Change 8: The zip file now includes a special “W” build. This is essentially a much improved version of the “/f” command line switch but now has it’s own dedicated executable. Consequently the “/f” command line switch has been removed and the desktopinfo-technician.bat batch is no longer required. I’ll work on making this build more functional over the next little while.

Change 9: The old, deprecated navigation buttons are gone. You should have changed over to the new navigation by now. To do this just add “NAV=global:-1” to the top of the [items] section. The nav entries in the [text] section are now used by the toolbar buttons in the “W” mode build.

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