This is the home of Desktop Info, the real time desktop information display. I am also the current keeper of Snappy Driver Installer Origin, a free and open source Windows driver installation and update tool.

My Code Signing Certificate is up for renewal in April. I’ve just learnt the price has gone up from $135AUD to $385AUD. I’m going to need some help achieving this. If you value my products at all and have debated a donation, now is the time. Basically when the current certificate expires, the next release will have to wait until the funds are available.

31% / $385

You can support me in various ways: make a one-off or monthly donation via ko-fi, there’s a ko-fi donation button at the bottom of this page, donate via paypal, buy merch such as these cool coffee mugs at RedBubble, buy my music in the form of cds and downloadable mp3s at and ko-fi.

You can hear some of my music here.

By the way, I took that photo through the car window one Winter morning.

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