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[Sticky] Desktop Info v3.13.0 Released

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Version 3.13.0
March 2024This was going to be a minor release fixing a few bugs in v3.12 but once again I got carried away. I’ve noticed while working on the scaling that some fonts give more accurate height measurements than others.

Change 1: Added ‘xr’ and ‘yb’ to absolute positioning to position from the right and bottom edges.

Change 2: The ‘W’ mode form now resizes correctly. Once the form has been dragged or manually resized it will no longer size itself automatically, as you would expect.

Change 3: Added the common option, no-result, to give an alternative display message when no results are returned.

Change 4: Changed the context menu select config option to search the path of the currently loaded config file rather than the path of the executable.

Change 5: Added a special case for width and height in [options]. If you set either or both to 0 it will assume the dimensions of the current work area, be that the desktop on the current monitor or the virtual desktop. See sample-config\desktopinfo-corporate.ini for a simple example.

Change 6: Four changes to the IMAGE item in the legacy layout: 1. Fixed the form height calculation to account for total image and image text height (it used to assume the exact image height or one row of text). 2. Modified the padding code: the total height will be whichever is greater of image height or image text height but may overshoot (it used to cap it at the image height). 3. Added an IMAGE option called 'height-round' which can round up or down the image height to be an exact multiple of the text row height (this removes the gap between the image and the next item). 4: Fixed the scaling for Windows zoom. None of this applies to the new absolute positioning layout.

Change 7: Fixed some places that were scaling regardless of the auto-scale setting.

Change 8: More work on general scaling. I think I’m starting to get close! I would say this accounts for 90% of the code changes.

Change 9: While looking into a regression bug in the preconfigure option, I decided to rewrite it and rename it. It’s now called Embedded Configuration.

Change 10: Increased size of info file buffer.

Change 11: The default config is stored as a resource in the executable and read at run time if needed as a last resort. It does not get written out to a file anymore.

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