This is the home of Desktop Info, the real time desktop information display. I am also the current keeper of Snappy Driver Installer Origin, a free and open source Windows driver installation and update tool.

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  • Desktop Info v3.10.1 7 March 2023 - Version 3.10.1 March 2023 Change 1: IMAGE now evaluates every cycle according to it’s interval setting so you can change the image on the fly. The down side is it will now attempt to load the image every time it evaluates. Set the interval appropriately. The default interval is 0, evaluate once. Change 2: Added ...
  • Desktop Info v3.10.0 24 January 2023 - Version 3.10.0 January 2023 Change 1: More work and additions to NETSTATS. Now shows traffic stats for TCP connections. Still researching UDP traffic. The return values have changed. Change 2: Added option to start W mode to the context menu. It’s caption text in the [text] section is menu-wmode. Change 3: Added support for user ...
  • Desktop Info v3.9.0 29 December 2022 - Version 3.9.0 December 2022 This release has a high number of code changes for relatively few entries in the release notes which makes for a greater risk of breakage. Let me know in the forums (after you’ve read the changes) if you believe something is broken. The old, deprecated NAV buttons in the [options] are ...
  • Driver Packs 22.12.2 21 December 2022 - Driver Packs 22.12.2
  • Driver Packs 22.12.1 7 December 2022 - Driver Packs 22.12.1
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