Welcome to Glenn’s Eclectic Freeware.

This is the home of Desktop Info and Desktop Calendar.

I have chosen to be ‘selective’ so if you’ve come looking for the other projects that used to live here, you’re outa luck. They are way too old and irrelevant and I prefer to quietly bury them. If you look hard enough, you’ll find them around the traps.

I am also the current keeper of Snappy Driver Installer Origin, a free and open source Windows driver installation and update tool.

By the way, that photo is taken by me just outside my home town. You can see my house on the hill in the distance.

Recent Posts

  • Video Tutorials 15 April 2019- I’m making tentative steps to producing a series of tutorial videos. Check out the first one here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/desktop-info/ This is just one day of learning how to do this so don’t be too harsh.
  • Desktop Info v1.14.0 Released 25 March 2019- Change 1: Added the ‘key’ option to FILE2TEXT to retrieve a single value from a file. Change 2: Allow absolute path in language file option. Change 3: Added user variables to the WMI query. Change 4: Fixed crash due to null property in WMI results.
  • Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.5.0 6 March 2019- Version 06 March 2019 Driver Packs 19030 Changed the way the “Continue Seeding” option in the Updates dialog works. Now, when the updates have finished downloading, they will be moved to the Drivers directory and indexed as normal. When this is complete, if the seeding option is selected, seeding from the Drivers directory will ...
  • Desktop Info v1.13.1 Released 8 February 2019- Fixed an ugly display bug in the WMI number transform.
  • Desktop Info v1.13.0 Released 7 February 2019- Change 1: Added line-spacing to [options]. This controls the number of pixels between rows so you can squeeze it closer together or spread it out. Change 2: Fixed csv bug duplicating header cells. Change 3: Added maxrows and %rowcount% to the WMI item. In addition to limiting the output of the WMI display, it also ...
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