Welcome to Glenn’s Eclectic Freeware.

This is the home of Desktop Info and Desktop Calendar.

I have chosen to be ‘selective’ so if you’ve come looking for the other projects that used to live here, you’re out of luck. They are way too old and irrelevant and I prefer to quietly bury them. If you look hard enough, you’ll find them around the traps.

I am also the current keeper of Snappy Driver Installer Origin, a free and open source Windows driver installation and update tool.

If you’re looking for some new and interesting music to listen to while monitoring your servers, take a look at my list of Great Albums.

You can find me on Bandcamp.

By the way, I took that photo through the car window one Winter morning.

Recent Posts

  • Desktop Info v3.2.3 22 October 2021 - Version v3.2.3 October 2021 Change 1: Fixed control right align. Change 2: REG will now return null result instead of an error string if there is an error or the requested data is not available and the error will be written to the log as a DATA entry. This allows you to use the hide-no-result ...
  • Desktop Info v3.2.2 29 September 2021 - Version v3.2.2 September 2021 Change 1: All charts except the horizontal bar chart can now do automatic maximum values. Which is to say if you do not specify the max option, the maximum value of the chart will be determined by the highest value currently on the screen. The vertical scale will adjust itself appropriately. ...
  • Desktop Info v3.2.1 15 September 2021 - Version v3.2.1 September 2021 Change 1: Added maxrows option to the COLLECTOR and DTI items. Change 2: Fixed not null expression on HTTPGET and NETWORKINTERFACES. Change 3: Fixed lease lifetime on NETWORKINTERFACES. Change 4: Added return values to CPU item. Change 5: Allow ini file position options to be used in /f mode. Change 6: ...
  • Desktop Info v3.2 1 September 2021 - Version v3.2.0 September 2021 Important: Make sure to update your expressions/function calls to relocate your display format definition as outlined below. My TO DO list is nearly exhausted so the rampage will begin to slow down now. Change 1: In the process of cleaning up the data processing code, I’ve removed the display format definition ...
  • Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.11.1 7 August 2021 - Version 7 August 2021 * Driver Packs 21.08.1 * Fixed theme text color on restore point and indexing slots * Themes updated including a new Dark theme
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