Welcome to Glenn’s Eclectic Freeware.

This is the home of Desktop Info and Desktop Calendar.

I have chosen to be ‘selective’ so if you’ve come looking for the other projects that used to live here, you’re out of luck. They are way too old and irrelevant and I prefer to quietly bury them. If you look hard enough, you’ll find them around the traps.

I am also the current keeper of Snappy Driver Installer Origin, a free and open source Windows driver installation and update tool.

By the way, I took that photo through the car window one Winter morning.

Recent Posts

  • Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.6.1 25 March 2020 - Version 25 March 2020 Driver Packs 20033
  • Desktop Info v2.4.2 Released 25 March 2020 - Change 1: Fixed bug where alarms were not changing color. Change 2: Fixed bug where threshold would fail if property was the last one in the list.
  • Desktop Info v2.4.1 Released 15 March 2020 - There was a fatal flaw in the new CONTROL code which threw an exception and sent the application into a tail spin. This has been resolved along with a couple of other minor code cleanups.
  • Desktop Info v2.4 Released 13 March 2020 - Change 1: Added the common item option text-color which allows us to specify a color for the left column text. Change 2: Added the key word TEXT-COLOR which allows us to specify a new default color for the left column text for all following items. This is distinct from the item option text-color above. See ...
  • Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.6.0 20 February 2020 - 21 February 2020 Driver Packs 20010 Now driver updates works correctly when the dpr_dir is on a different drive. It can be a different drive on the same computer, a network path or mapped drive. If SDIO detects this path is not the working path, it will perform a copy/delete instead of a move operation ...
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