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  • Nice but there is a error with: COMMENT=active:1,interval:0,color:cccccc,style:iw,lid:heading_miscellaneous
    It does not display anything…

    • I set the length limit to 20 characters, silly me. If you shorten the entry in the language file from
      then shorten the entry in desktopinfo.ini to

      so that the lid is the same in both files, it will work.

  • Where do you want comments and bugs?

  • Can I just say Wow! I love it!

    Now, if you can find a way to remove the desktop wallpaper and set the desktop color to any rgb value we choose, that would be cool.

    The issue is that if you want to show information in different colors, you quickly run out of nice colors that are in contrast to the background, and unless you set transparency to about 60, most wallpapers make it hard to see the information also.

    • Well you can set your own wallpaper any way you like, of course. If you’re referring to the background color of DesktopInfo, have you tried setting a combination of transparency and formcolor?

      • I should have explained further….. The issue is scripting the setup of DesktopInfo.

        In order to set the desktop background, you have to turn off the wallpaper in the registry and also set the background color in the registry. But this alone requires a logoff/logon or reboot to take affect.

        There is an undocumented command by MS that forces a userprofile refresh from the command line, but it is not supported and does not always work. (No rhyme or reason.)

        Many people also find it works the first time and then may or may not work subsequent times before you reboot. So if you are debugging and trying to find that perfect color, it can take forever with all the logoffs/logons.

        However, every programming language has a way to send a userprofile refresh notification system wide that accomplishes this goal perfectly. That’s where you come in! 🙂

        While playing with this a few minutes ago, I think I may have found a work-around in my script, but it requires to have already done the hard work of determining the color you want for the background.

        Here’s my setup.cmd that lives in the same directory as the DesktopInfo files for anyone who wants to explore some more.

        It copies a shortcut to the common startup folder, removes the desktop bmp, sets the background color to black (RGB Values, space delimited), runs the undocumented userprofile refresh, launches DesktopInfo, and runs the userprofile refresh again.

        echo off
        copy desktopinfo.lnk “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp\”

        reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop” /v WallPaper /t REG_SZ /d ” ” /f

        reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors” /v Background /t REG_SZ /d “0 0 0” /f

        RUNDLL32.EXE USER32.DLL,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters 1, True
        start desktopinfo.exe
        RUNDLL32.EXE USER32.DLL,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters 1, True

        So far, I am getting good results, with only occasionally having to intervene.

        If you have older (widows 2003, XP) machines, throw this line in the setup,cmd file to get it in the startup folder, as the common startup folder on those OSes is different:

        copy desktopinfo.lnk “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”

        Of course, if you don’t like the errors that zip by for the opposing OS, just throw a “> nul 2> nul” (without the quotes) at the end of the line. This will suppress the failed copy error for the line that is meant for the other OS.

        “Never type twice, what you can script once!”

        • I might add that this script only handles the wallpaper and bg color for the current user, not all users. Since the DesktopInfo shortcut is placed in the common startup folder, it will run for all users, but only the users who ran startup.cmd will get no wallpaper and a colored bg.

          This is another reason it would help if DesktopInfo.exe took care of this.

        • I see you’re trying to script your way around user wallpapers. I take it you are a domain admin or at least responsible for a bunch of work computers? That seems like overkill to me. If the issue is readability of Desktop Info, why not just set the background of Desktop Info to black or whatever color you want and let the users keep their wallpaper, albeit with a chunk missing?

          • It’s just a few hundred servers, and I’m lazy.

            I’ve worked on my script a bit more, and now, I can push a single batch file through a remote monitoring app and the batch file restarts itself with admin privileges, and sets it all up the way I want it. It’s three clicks from my console and it’s done. I added the admin restart for fun, I am always logged in as admin. But if someone here has a need to place the shortcut into the common startup folder while logged in as a domain user, this will do it.

            I am now converting my 1.7 ini file to 1.8

            I like it.

  • Hello Glenn,

    I need a help, I want to get a registry value, but the key had a comma, example

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Communicator\HostName

    I know that comma is used to separe parameters.

    There are some form to solve this?


  • Hi Glenn,

    Just found your App, excellent work, thanks
    Is there a way to display a graphic at the top such as a company logo?

  • Can you explain how you loop through the info for Network Adapters; and indicate if we should be able to add text information for each adapter?

    My goal is to have the IP and Subnet on one line: /
    If I add set:ipaddress and set:subnetmask at the end of the lines, I would expect to be able to write:
    TEXT=active:1,interval:0,color:ffdd99,text:IP / SM,display:%ipaddress%/%subnet%
    but it doesn’t work.

    In fact, no matter what I do with a text= entry, it shows up one time after all of the network adapters. This makes me think you have hard coded the network adapters loop to only accommodate certain fields, text not being included.

    Thanks for your very awesome utility, I spent hours searching for this, I am so happy to have found it!!!!!

    • You’re right. The Network Adapters and Fixed Disk items are a closed loop with hard coded fields and they can’t do the kind of thing you want.
      However, you’ll be happy to know that I’m currently testing the next release which can do exactly what you want. This screenshot shows the network adapters with subnet mask:


      This screenshot shows the network adapters with subnet class:


    • It’s all about parents and children. The NETWORKADAPTER item is a parent item and it has a very specific list of child items: IPADDRESS, SUBNETMASK, GATEWAY etc. TEXT is not a child of NETWORKADAPTER so it can’t be a part of the family.

      The next version still has that parent/child thing so we can’t randomly create those relationships. What it does is make more values available with each item result. IPADDRESS, for example, returns IP address, subnet mask, subnet class and mac address. For that item we can choose which of those we want to display.

  • Great app, thanks.

    Having trouble with displaying some wmi queries, in that it only shows the first value. Could you see if what i am doing is possible and where i am going wrong?

    WMI query to get list of running VMs on Hyper-V host.

    WMI=active:1,interval:30,color:ccffcc,text:Virtual Machine,namespace:root\virtualization\v2,query:Msvm_ComputerSystem where Caption=”Virtual Machine”,property:ElementName


    • You’re not doing anything wrong, Desktop Info will only show a single value specified by ‘property’. Not very useful I know. Never fear, the next release which I am currently testing will show any number of properties for any number of rows returned by a wmi query. Watch this space…

  • I found your app and love it!. I’ve been playing around and can’t seem to get a graph for cpu temp to populate. Box for graph comes up and label is there. Also get a for the numerical temp. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m overlooking. Can you assist? Machines are servers. 1 HP dl380gen6-7, the other a dell c2100. Both running server 2016.

    • Hi Chris, Yeah I don’t think the graph in it’s current form will work for you. It seems to be hard wired to a logarithmic scale. Don’t ask, it seemed like the thing to do at the time. Anyway, a rework of the charts is somewhere on the list of things to do so we can set the scale, add multiple values, colours etc

      • Okie Dokie Glenn. Thanks for the response. App is still the bomb! I have many VM’s that I bounce in and out of and it lets me see what is going on quickly. The temp thing is for a friend who like to see lots of metrics. Let me know when the graph is live. Is there a way to get the temp in numerical form, I just get n/a right now or is it all tied together?

        • Cpu temperature is problematic. Your best option right now is a tool called CoreTemp. Desktop Info has an item that will talk with that tool if running and retrieve the cpu temp from it. I’m also looking at another tool called Open Hardware Monitor.

  • My favorite apps! Thanks

  • Hello,
    Thanks for this very nice tool!
    If transparency is set less than 100 (ex: 50), desktop icons under DesktopInfo desktop area cannot be opened or moved any more.
    Transparency setting is a nice feature because it improves DesktopInfo readability by a lot.

    • You’re welcome. Yes, that is how Windows works. Anything less than 100% transparency and you lose the ability to click on what’s underneath.

  • Great app!! Thank you so much for making it so powerful and easy to use!!

  • Great ! I just checked your website for a new version of desktopinfo, and i used it since 2014, nice Work !

  • wow I didn’t know you could do that, nice! As of right now you can’t do formatting like you’re expecting but I’m working on that for the next release. I would expect the chart to work though. I’ll have a look.

  • I just found your program and it’s perfect for what I want! I am trying to add a WMI query for network latency. I got the basics down, but I’m having trouble formatting it. It would be nice to include the address, and units. The graph also doesn’t appear to display anything. Maybe something like this:

    Ping: 13ms (

    Here’s the code:

    # ping test
    WMI=active:1,interval:5,color:ffffff,chart:2,text:Ping,namespace:root\cimv2,query:Win32_PingStatus where Address = ‘’,property:ResponseTime,format:ms

  • Thank you for your application. This application is better and more useful than bginfo.

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