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Celebrating 18 Years!!

of “it’ll be fixed in the next release”

  • Full 64-bit and 32-bit builds in version 3
  • Display every kind of metric about your Windows system
  • Two varieties: attach to the desktop or normal Windows application
  • Extensive display and data formatting options
  • Seven different chart styles in version 3
  • Custom WMI queries
  • Visual alerts
  • Background collections
  • Arithmetical expressions
  • External command execution (inc. Powershell)
  • Clickable controls
  • Monitor a specific process memory usage
  • Monitor files, registry keys and event logs
  • Network connections and traffic
  • Display times in different time zones in version 3
  • Remote monitoring
  • Export to file (html/xml/rtf/txt)
  • Low priority cpu
  • Adjustable transparent background
  • Fonts and colors configurable
  • Font scaling on the fly
  • Logic to control which items are displayed
  • Pull data from http/https server
  • Log raw data to csv files
  • Display text from a file
  • Display data from a csv file
  • Display registry values
  • Display images in version 3
  • Screen saver
  • Unlimited number of pages of information
  • Custom external data collectors
  • Optional threaded execution
  • Data sharing
  • Supports multi-display configurations
  • Application logging to text file and/or Windows Event Logs
  • Full Unicode multi language support
  • Comprehensive reference manual
  • Much more…

You can leave bug reports and ideas in the discussion forum. If you have any cool WMI queries that we can use post them on the forum.

Version: 3.11.0
Full Windows 64-bit/32-bit builds.
Works on Windows XP and up.
Last Update: October 2023
Version: 2.11
Legacy 32-bit version.
Works on Windows 2000 and up.
Last Update: June 2021
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