Desktop Info v3.8.0

Version 3.8.0
October 2022

Remember to change over to the new NAV item and IMAGE item for your logo.

Change 1: Fixed the line chart bug where it displays the odd line at the top of the display.

Change 2: Added user variables to HTTPGET source option.

Change 3: Fixed chart overflow bug. Charts can now handle huge 64 bit values. Code added to hopefully avoid crashing on vastly monumentally insanely big values.

Change 4: Fixed NETPACKETSRATE overflow bug. Set rate types to 64 bit.

Change 5: Added a bunch of options to the NAV item.

Change 6: Added width and height options to CONTROL items and in the process rewrote the layout code for controls yet again. Width and height can be set for both hyperlinks and buttons. In both cases, if not specified, they are calculated from the displayed text. You still need to set the left option. The height of the display row is set by the height of the biggest control. Both controls will now word break where the control is not wide enough.

Change 7: Added ALIGN and TEXT-ALIGN key words so they can be used throughout the ini to set global values.

Change 8: Added the center option to both the ALIGN/TEXT-ALIGN key words and local item options. Doesn’t yet work on controls. This necessitated a rewrite of the alignment code and in the process fixed a couple of layout issues.

Change 9: Disconnected the font-rtl option from right align options. They both work independently, you can set one or the other or both.

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