Desktop Info v1.90 Released

Version v1.9
October 2018

My primary objective in this release is to rework the raw data infrastructure
so that I can store and move all the collected data and have better control
over what data is displayed, charted and logged to csv. For now chart data
remains pre-selected and the WMI item charts the first two numbers returned.
In the next release I will open this up so you can select which values you
want to chart. I’m also adding lots of information to the readme file.

Change 1: Reworked the internal data infrastructure for better control.

Change 2: All items now have the potential to be multi line.

Change 3: Implemented line breaks in the display template. Place a pipe symbol,
‘|’ to indicate where you want a line break.

Change 4: Added NETWORKINTERFACES item. This is the alternative to the
NETWORKADAPTER item and it’s sub-items. It has much more information and
display control. Read the item reference for more info. NETWORKADAPTER is

Change 5: Reworked the internal item options infrastructure to make it much
simpler to add new options to items and pass them on to the procedures.

Change 6: Added ‘multirow’ option to ALLIPADDRESS, DNSSERVER. This gives you the
option of displaying the data over multiple rows instead of all on a single row.

Change 7: Much work on the csv logging. It is now logging all collected data,
raw or formatted. Any items that return multiple rows will have all rows

Change 8: Added the item reference to the readme file. It should be complete
by now. Let me know if something is missing.

Change 9: Removed ‘offset’ option in the global section of the ini. Added it as
an option to the CPUUSAGE, NETWORKADAPTER and FIXEDDISK sub-items.

Change 10: Added DATADUMP item. When this fires it writes a csv file for every
active item.

Change 11: Completed implementation of language ‘noresults’ option.

Change 12: Added the REG item which displays a value from the registry.

Change 13: Added language file change notifier.

Change 14: Added cpu and page faults to PROCESSMEM. Maybe it should be

Change 15: Updated the debug logging for all items and display data.

Change 16: Added ‘logo’ png graphic header to the language file. I know you
don’t like my silly logo. You put your own logo in.

Change 17: Font config has been moved out of the desktopinfo.ini file to the
language files. This is so you can set a font for a specific language.

Change 18: Added font-charset to font config in language files. I’m still
learning how to do languages so this might take a couple of iterations.

Change 19: Added language config to the context menu.


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