Monthly archives: October, 2018

Desktop Info v1.10.0 Released

Version v1.10.0 November 2018 Important changes from v1.8.0 and v1.9.0: In those versions I started moving config options out of the main ini file and into separate language files. I’m not happy with the way that’s working out so I’ve returned to making the desktopinfo.ini file the primary configuration file and the language files will …

Desktop Info v1.91 Released

Version v1.9.1 ————– October 2018 Change 1: Resolved some Unicode issues. Debug log is now unicode. Change 2: Fixed issue with not resetting it’s position after display size change.

Desktop Info v1.90 Released

Version v1.9 ———— October 2018 My primary objective in this release is to rework the raw data infrastructure so that I can store and move all the collected data and have better control over what data is displayed, charted and logged to csv. For now chart data remains pre-selected and the WMI item charts the …

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