Desktop Info v1.10.0 Released

Version v1.10.0
November 2018
Important changes from v1.8.0 and v1.9.0: In those versions I started moving config options out of the main ini file and into separate language files. I’m not happy with the way that’s working out so I’ve returned to making the desktopinfo.ini file the primary configuration file and the language files will simply override that if required. In most cases you will not need a language file at all. My apologies if I made work for you.

In this release we continue to reap the benefits of the raw data infrastructure refactor done in v1.9.0 with major improvements in both the charting and threshold functions. I’ve also been working hard on language support so we can now display non Latin based languages.

Change 1: Revamped the thresholds so we can have up to 3 thresholds on each item using any returned value *plus* we can have negative thresholds *plus* we can have thresholds on WMI items. See the Thresholds section for more info.
Change 2: Revamped the charts so we can chart any numerical value from any item including WMI items, bar or line, linear or logarithmic, colors, thresholds etc. See the Charts section for details.
Change 3: Added REGEXIST item.
Change 4: ALLIPADDRESS has been extracted from it’s dependency on NETWORKADAPTER, it’s list and it’s ‘activeonly’ and ‘filter’ options. It will now work independently. NETWORKADAPTER is deprecated.
Change 5: I’ve taken the ‘hidden’ page of items and turned it into a whole series of pages. Previously, “active:2” was the special ‘hidden’ page. This is now simply page 2 out of 9 pages. See the Pages section for more info.
Change 6: The readme.txt file was getting too big. Time for a proper manual.
Change 7: Added FILE2TEXT item.
Change 8: OEMINFO now checks both 64 bit and 32 bit branches of the registry tree.
Change 9: Added log-level option.
Change 10: Splitting the config between two files was a bad idea so I thought it out again and the desktopinfo.ini file returns to being the primary configuration file. Everything is configured within that file. If you wish to override any options or text without altering the main configuration, create a language file. See the Language File section for more information.
Change 11: Much work on unicode support means we can now create and display non Latin languages such as Croatian, Chinese, Japanese etc via the language files. There is still work to be done to make the main ini file fully unicode so for now you must use the language files for multi-byte text.
Change 12: Added right-to-left support for Arabic languages. It’s not complete but it is usable. If you find any errors in any of my sample language files please let me know.
Change 13: More work reducing the flicker/shimmer.
Change 14: The package no longer contains the desktopinfo.ini file, the file is renamed to desktopinfo-sample.ini. This is in order to prevent accidentally overwriting your finely tuned custom config file when the new version arrives. When Desktop Info runs, if there is no desktopinfo.ini file, it will copy the sample over and start using it. This makes it transparent for new users. Similarly, the packaged language files are in the “sample-languages” directory. If you decide to use one of the sample language files, you should copy it to a new location first to avoid it being overwritten by the next new version.
Change 15: I’ve greatly pared down the sample ini file because, well, it’s just a sample and there’s too many options and items to include everything. Good thing there’s a proper manual now to see what’s available.
Change 16: Added mtu option to NETPACKETS and NETPACKETSRATE.
Change 17: Added basic Windows Event Logs logging.
Change 18: Fixed “InetNtopw not found ws2_32.dll” bug running under Windows XP.
Change 19: Skip some NETWORKINTERFACES values not available under Windows XP.
Change 20: Added logo-align to options.
Change 21: Added queue length to CPU item.

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