Glenn's Eclectic Freeware
Glenn's Eclectic Freeware

All software on this page is written by Glenn Delahoy for the Windows platform and is free to download and use. None of these applications are crippled (not intentionally anyway), time limited, contain nags, ads, spyware or other such intrusions. All applications are in English only except where noted.

Problems, comments or suggestions can be sent to Before you write, make sure you have thoroughly read the extensive documentation that accompanies the application.

If you like any of these programs please consider sending a small donation through PayPal to show your appreciation and help with ongoing development and maintenance costs.

Windows: All versions
Auto Ftp v2 can perform multiple ftp sessions simultaneously (fully multi-threaded). You can choose between straight file copy or synchronisation in either direction (local to remote or remote to local). Sessions can be started manually, timed, change triggered or daisy chained. Multiple sessions can be started from the command line making it a great batch file tool. Now you can have as many upload or download ftp sessions as you like configured and ready to go with one click.
Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/Win7
A small calendar and event reminder that unobtrusively sits on your desktop and is ready to use any time. No taskbar button or system tray icon. The calendar is transparent so it's not an eyesore and consumes very little memory. Enter as many daily or regular reminders as you like. Float your mouse over a day to see all reminders for the day. Shows a short list of upcoming reminders below the calendar. Fonts, colours and tooltips are customisable so it blends in with your desktop colour and font schemes.
Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/2003/2008/Win7/Win8
This little application displays system information on your desktop in a similar way to some other desktop information tools. Unlike others, this application looks like wallpaper but stays resident in memory and continues to update the display in real time. Uses very little memory and nearly zero cpu. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by monitoring of production or test server farms. Everything is customisable including language.
Windows: 2000/XP/Vista
Regard this as a beta release. This means that it's incomplete and buggy, although it's already much more functional than version 1. Most of the functionality from the original is available plus a whole lot more. If you choose to test this, please report back with your experiences, comments, suggestions. As an experiment, there's also a u3p file for thumb drives. It's taken quite a bit of work to achieve something like 80% Explorer functionality and will probably take just as long to get another 15%. Maybe I should go the route of a shell extension instead of trying to reinvent Windows Explorer? What do you think?
Windows: 2000/XP
SE stands for Shell Extension. The extension adds six columns to the Details view of Windows Explorer: Total Size, Size on Disk, Slack Space, Files, Folders and Extension. Using these columns you can chase down your disk usage patterns. Because it all happens inside Windows Explorer, you're in a familiar environment with tools that function the way you expect. Additional tools include html/csv/text/xml reports, copy path to clipboard, command prompt at selected folder, wild card select objects.
Windows: .Net 3.5
This is my first C#/.NET application, wahoo! Disk Usage Analyser is a Windows Explorer clone but with tools to help you track down disk usage. It scans the selected disk to generate statistics on size, files and folders. A configurable list of preset filters can be used to show only files of specific types. Reports can be generated in text, csv, xml and html format. An optional disk monitor will update the display in real time when changes are made to the folders on display. Disk Usage Analyser is written for .Net v3.5. Works for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows.
Windows: All versions
Inbox is the middle man, the central scrutinizer for your email; fetching, collating and filtering your mail before you download it to your mail client. You can aggressively deal with unwanted mail saving you time and bandwidth. Mail can be download or left on the server. It's also a powerful tool for manipulating email in various ways: redirect, simple mailing lists, mailbots, away message, reject message, global and account level filtering.
Windows: All versions
Adds ftp functionality to your "Send To" folder. Create ftp configurations for parent folders and all sub-folders and files are mapped accordingly. Provides for multiple ftp targets for a single source, file rename during transfer etc.
Windows: 2000/XP
How many sleeps 'til the big day? One day recently my four year daughter asked me how many sleeps until Santa comes. It took me a while to figure it out but I finally came up with an answer. A few minutes later she came back and asked me if I could write something to put on her computer that would tell her every day how many sleeps until Santa comes. Well, I delivered on time and on budget and, like most of my customers, she wanted changes, enhancements etc. So in addition to the little program that shows a cute little countdown on the desktop, there's also a colourful and easy to use setup program to change the big day, message text, fonts and colours and desktop position. It was written with Santa in mind but you can use it to countdown to any big day. NOTE: Works on Windows 2000/XP only.
Windows: All versions
Simple file splitter and joiner to help you move those huge files across disks, around the network or burn to disk. You control the split size according to your requirements. The results are checksummed to ensure a successful split and rejoin. Handles huge file sizes and can create splits up to 2GB in size.
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