Desktop Info v3.5.0

Version 3.5.0
March 2022

Change 1: Updated VIRTUALDESKTOP for Windows 11. Sometimes, if the user is not using the virtual desktops, Windows will not record the current virtual desktop. In this case Desktop Info can only assume you’re using the first, always active one.

Change 2: Added SET-SECTION item. This loads a [section] of the ini file into a user variable which can then be used within the parameters option of the CMD item. This way you can embed your external CMD scripts into the ini file. Makes things a little more portable.

Change 3: The parameters option in the CMD item can now accept user variables.

Change 4: Removed the sample-scripts folder. These scripts now occupy their own sections in the sample-config\desktopinfo-advanced.ini file.

Change 5: Removed the default text from the IMAGE item.

Change 6: Reworked the display output so that the wide option works properly in all (most?) cases.

Change 7: Added Neg() function to expressions. This doesn’t force a value to be negative, it merely toggles it (x = -x).

Change 8: Pretty much rewrote the charts: now correctly displays positive and negative values, make a mirror series using the Neg() function, specify the max and min values or let them be automatically calculated, displays the zero line calculated from the current max and min values.

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