Desktop Info v3.3.0

Version 3.3.0
November 2021

Change 1: Adjusted OSBUILD2 DisplayVersion/ReleaseId to return null if neither is found.

Change 2: Added onload common item option. This allows an individual item to be evaluated
during configuration load and also saved to the active config in the normal way as opposed to items
in the BEGIN-ONLOAD block which are not saved and hence never evaluated again.

Change 3: Fixed up some little oddities in the BEGIN-ONLOAD logic.

Change 4: I’ve had a number of enquiries regarding setting item colours based on IF item results. It
took me some time to understand it myself which is bad. The complication comes down to the
colours being static, they’re set once at configuration load. So I’ve made the item colours dynamic
so you can now use variables and expressions for the color and text-color item options and these
will be re-evaluated each time the item is evaluated allowing the colours to change on the fly as the
variables change.

Change 5: In the preconfigure option, I’ve added code to remove the existing code certificate before
it embeds your ini file. Unfortunately, if you try to resign the executable it will trash the embedded
ini. I have to work out how to update the exe header so it includes the embedded ini.

Change 6: Adjusted control visibility so it works correctly following an IF item.

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