Desktop Info v3.2.4

Version 3.2.4
October 2021

Change 1: Fixed OSBUILD2 for null expressions.

Change 2: Added registry product name to OSBUILD2.

Change 3: More work on scaling. Added auto-scale option. Scaling is not an option for Windows below version 10. Scaling is on by default for Windows 10 and later. It can be disabled by setting auto-scale=0. If the Desktop Info scaling is not working properly on your device, you should disable it and use the Windows compatibility settings.

Change 4: Fixed a few data titles so that the return values can be referenced by name rather than number. These titles have always been there but undocumented (they show up in the csv export). Eventually I’ll document them all, meanwhile if you want to know any specific ones, drop me a message on the forums.

Change 5: The REG item can now return all values from a given key.

Change 6: Tested on Windows 11 Pro 22000.258.

Change 7: Fixed a bug that was preventing it from running on some Windows 7 installations.

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