Desktop Info v2.2 Released

December 2019

Change 1: Fixed broken FILE2TEXT.
Change 2: Fixed broken TEXT.
Change 3: CMD is now Unicode aware. The target command executable must also be Unicode aware for this to be effective. I am yet to figure out exactly how to initiate a Unicode Powershell process so I don’t know if this works for Powershell or not. Perhaps if you work it out you can let me know.
Change 4: Fixed the confused font-rtl and text-align options. They are now separated and work independently. Both may be added to the [options] section as global defaults. Both may be added to individual items to override the defaults.
Change 5: I’ve begun adding some key words to the items section to make it easy to set item default values and try to reduce some of the complexity. For example, by setting page=1, you do not need to specify the active option for each item on that page.
Change 6: The old method of an item setting the current default colour is replaced with the new COLOR key word for setting the default colour. If you’ve been relying on this method to set default colours, you’ll notice some colour oddness. Just set the new COLOR key word at an appropriate spot in the items.
Change 7: I finally got around to making the context menu Unicode and configurable. You can adjust the text of the menu options (Refresh, Quit etc) using the [text] section in either the main ini file or the language ini file. I also added the ability to remove an option from the menu by setting it’s text to blank. Updated language files. Let me know if you think the translations need improvement.
Change 8: The page titles in the context menu are also Unicode aware. You can set the page titles using the [pages] section in either the main ini file or the language ini file. You can also set page titles on the fly using the new PAGE-TITLE key word. Updated language files.
Change 9: User variable names are no longer case sensitive.

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