Desktop Info v2.1 Released

There are significant architectural changes in this release in order to get logical row titles and data in the left column and also to get the CMD output displaying correctly so pay close attention, there’s an excellent chance I’ve broken something and your configuration file will most likely need to be changed. You should test well before putting it into production and let me know what you find. Also of special note, the deprecated FIXEDDISK item has been removed.

Change 1: Refactored CPUUSAGE to a regular multi-row item. Replaced the count option with the maxrows option, changed the return values. If you’re using the bar chart with this item you will need to change it from property 1 to property 2.
Change 2: Banner graphic now supports many image formats.
Change 3: In the banner graphic, I believe I have resolved the issue of artefacts appearing around transparent png images.
Change 4: Items can now be split over multiple lines in the config file by ending the line with a backslash character as per Python, Bash etc to indicate it is continued on the next line.
Change 5: Added drive-size option to LOGICALDRIVES.
Change 6: Refactored the CMD item so it reads STDOUT directly. You no longer need to redirect to a temporary text file first. Return value %4 is now the default display template which will display the cmd output. Added the wide option so the output can be displayed over both columns. See the CMD example on page 6 of the desktopinfo-advanced.ini sample file for a good PowerShell example.
Change 7: Added total threads to PROCESSCOUNT.
Change 8: Added the row-text option to provide a way to create a logical row title in the left column. This option can include return values to display row data in the same way as the display template. For example to display the drive name in LOGICALDRIVES or the cpu id in CPUUSAGE. See the discussion here.
Change 9: The multirow option in the ALLIPADDRESS and DNSSERVER items now defaults to 1.
Change 10: FILECONTENTS1 and FILECONTENTS2 are replaced with a single FILECONTENTS with the wide option to control whether it’s displayed in the right column or over both columns.
Change 11: Having achieved the final hurdle of getting row titles in the left column, the deprecated item FIXEDDISK has been removed. You should use LOGICALDRIVES instead. Along with the refactored CPUUSAGE, this is the last of the weird parent/child items.
Change 12: Added maxrows to TOPPROCESSCPU and TOPPROCESSPF so you can have more than one top process.
Change 13: Might have fixed the bug where occasionally a control would hang around after the page has changed.
Change 14: Updated the desktopinfo-advanced.ini with some new pages.

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