Desktop Info v1.70 Released

Version v1.7
August 2018
(Four years, that’s not so bad is it?)

Change 1: Signing with digital code certificate. You can confirm this by right
clicking the DesktopInfo.exe, select Properties and the Digital Signatures tab.

Change 2: Removed secondary form from Windows task switcher.

Change 3: Removed MSN status option.

Change 4: Now correctly reads unicode language files. The language files must be
UTF-8 encoded.

Change 5: The language files are now collected in the “language” sub-directory.
Make sure you specify the sub-directory in the desktopinfo.ini file entry. Send
me your language files to be included in future releases.

Change 6: Doubled the size of item text so you can have longer comments.

Change 7: FIXEDDISK now correctly reads *only* local fixed and removable drives,
not remote, network, mapped or optical drives. No longer constantly polls drives
when the FIXEDDISK item is not active.

Change 8: UPTIME is no longer capped at 49 days.

Change 9: Added ShortDisplay to UPTIME.

Change 10: Added UTCTIME. This seems to take a while to run so maybe set a
higher interval.

Change 11: Added full width underline style.

Change 12: I made a mistake with the TEXT item. The last field should be
‘display’ and not ‘key’. You should change your ini file to match.

Change 13: Added user variables. See the section above for details.

Change 14: Added csvdatatype option to items. Data logging no longer outputs
the data in it’s display form by default. The default value of 0 outputs the
data in it’s raw format. A value of 1 will output the data in the format it is
displayed. See data logging section above for more information.


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