Desktop Info v1.16 Released

June 2019
Following various fixes in this and the last couple of releases, I find the general stability of Desktop Info to be quite good. However it’s a complex program with lots of moving parts and I may be missing something. If you are still experiencing random crashes or DTI mysteriously vanishing, I would be interested to work with you to get to the root cause of the problem. Drop me a note on the forums.

Change 1: Added expressions and user defined functions to display templates.
Change 2: Fixed best fit number format where 1000M should be 1G etc.
Change 3: Added null-result text string.
Change 4: Fixed WMI property value where very large number was being set to null.
Change 5: Fixed WMI where a null property display is processed incorrectly.
Change 6: Added hide-no-result option to item common options.
Change 7: Added CMD item to execute external tools such as cmd.exe or powershell.exe etc.
Change 8: Added font-size to item common options. Now you can set the font size for each item. The font-size in the [options] section remains the global font size but now each item can override it. Because the code controlling the font sizes and general layout has changed, the default value for the line-spacing option is now 1. No font-face option yet, maybe later.
Change 9: Added hide-key option to FILE2TEXT item.
Change 10: Added user variables to the key option in FILE2TEXT.

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