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Video: Lookup Lists

I’ve posted a new video showing you how to construct a lookup list so you can convert numeric WMI results into words for display. Bitchute

Desktop Info v1.15.0 Released

Version v.1.15.0 April 2019 Change 1: Added handle count to PROCESSMEM. Change 2: Added Unix text file (LF) support to FILE2TEXT. Change 3: Added Unix text file (LF) support and multibyte support to FILECONTENTS1 and FILECONTENTS2. Change 4: Finally got the main ini file multi-byte compatible. Now you can set the text and display options …

Video Tutorials

I’m making tentative steps to producing a series of tutorial videos. Check out the first one here: This is just one day of learning how to do this so don’t be too harsh.

Desktop Info v1.14.0 Released

Change 1: Added the ‘key’ option to FILE2TEXT to retrieve a single value from a file. Change 2: Allow absolute path in language file option. Change 3: Added user variables to the WMI query. Change 4: Fixed crash due to null property in WMI results.

Desktop Info v1.13.0 Released

Change 1: Added line-spacing to [options]. This controls the number of pixels between rows so you can squeeze it closer together or spread it out. Change 2: Fixed csv bug duplicating header cells. Change 3: Added maxrows and %rowcount% to the WMI item. In addition to limiting the output of the WMI display, it also …

Desktop Info v1.12.0 Released

This release has no major architectural changes, yay! There’s some minor tweaks to smooth out the navigation buttons and paging, some new tools and bug fixes and a change to how monitor-mode works. If you use the monitor-mode option you’ll need to check out the changes. Change 1: Fixed REGISTRY so it can read “read …

Desktop Info v1.11.0 Released

December 2018 There are two important architectural changes in this release: I’ve moved the data collection code into a thread to allow the gui to be more responsive. This has the side effect of raising the memory footprint slightly. Secondly, I’ve added a background process to collect 64 bit metrics. This is controlled from the …

Desktop Info v1.10.2 Released

November 2018 Change 1: Fixed bug with FIXEDDISK and NETWORKADAPTER spinning out of control under Chinese Windows. Change 2: Continue the Unicode work. Change 3: Added reference English language file. Change 4: Fixed handle leak in ProcessMem, TopProcess and registry routines. Change 5: Fixed bug in bar chart when only one data point is available.

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