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Hex color codes wrong in Desktopinfo.ini file?

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I've been playing with colours in my Desktopinfo.ini file and I use a program called Paint.net to get the hex value of the colour I'm interested in. When I put that code into the INI file I get a vastly different colour. I've checked on hex colour testing websites and they agree with my my paint program.

Any ideas about why this is? I just need accurate color representation.

Thanks, once again 🙂

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don't forget to include the # in the color number such as:

# colors
set White   = #ffffff
set Grey    = #909090
set Cyan    = #00ffff
set Magenta = #ff00ff
set Green   = #00ff00
set Orange  = #ffd000
set Yellow  = #ffff00
set Silver  = #d0d0d0
set Blue    = #0000f0
set Red     = #ff0000

this signifies you are specifying a RGB color. If you do not include the # you are specifying a BGR color.

That is: #0000FF is the same as FF0000.


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