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Best Practices for Remote Monitoring of Server Services on Client Machines

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Posted by: @glenn

This is my current plan:

a new item called GROUP will collate data from selected items. It will collect all raw and formatted item data at regular intervals. The formatted data may collect multiple display lines from each target item. You give it a unique id using the id option. The server side config would look something like this:

CPU=blah blah
NETWORK=blah blah



So on the server you set up your items to display the way you want and create your groups as required.

The client side will use the DTI item to collect data from the server. The data is transmitted using XML as noted in the earlier post. It will contain the "raw_values" node and a new "formatted_values" node.


On the client side you now have a choice of how to display the data collected by the DTI item. If you use the "display" option then it will format and display the raw values in the usual manner.  If you leave out the "display" option altogether it will use the formatted data.

This allows you to set the client config once and then control the client display from the server.


This plan is exactly how I expected the feature to work.

As I already wrote, passing the display option down to the clients is not needed in my case. However, having the option to choose either to inherit the display options from the server or to overwrite them on the client side is the best approach.


I really appreciate the work being done on this. Could you let me know when the feature will be implemented? I would be happy to test the implementation and provide feedback.


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It's done with a few trivial changes. eg. the option to specify the source item is "source-id". It will strip out display lines that contain only "%chart%". Charts are constructed to the display and not saved. However you can use the CHART item on the client side to chart the first data row of the DTI item.  In the previous example I've added a CHART item to chart the cpu data from group-1. You can use styling options such as font and color on the client side.


I'm currently testing the release and it should be out today or tomorrow.

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