Really Simple Menu v1.6 Released

Change 1: Added status text to loading and working forms.
Change 2: Added quit option to ini file.
Change 3: Added context menu options to adjust button size.
Change 4: Added header.rtf and page-header.rtf file options.
Change 5: Fixed various bugs and crashes.
Change 6: I’m not supposed to remove the extension from the file name when creating the link file name, simply append the “.lnk” extension. So a target file of picture.jpg will have a shortcut of picture.jpg.lnk. This was causing problems in the situation where I had two files of the same name but different extensions, such as: picture.jpg and picture.txt. Now we have picture.jpg.lnk and picture.txt.lnk. This is very useful in a situation where you have a photo collection with a text file description for each photo.
Change 7: Added colors to the configuration file.

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