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    • Flashing / Redraw Issue I'm running latest version and with a fairly simple config and me some users are seeing random flashing/redrawing of the info. It will blink like 4 times. It seems to repeat this randomly, but it's usually within 5-15 minutes. Config is here: [options] top=20 #left=5 #bottom=0 right=20 width=500 column1width=-1 centerv=0 centerh=0 fontface=Arial fontsize=10 cleartype=0 ssfontsize=18 formcolor=000000 transparency=100 contextmenu=1 allowdrag=0 offset=1 #language=english.ini msnstatus=0 inimoni...

      Started by: sgrechtmansgrechtman in: Desktop Info

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    • Why no LOGONSERVER I am trying to display the logonserver like i do for DOMAIN and HOST but just putting LOGONSERVER in the ini does not work like it does for the others, USER, HOST, DOMAIN etc, why is this? I have seen other posts discussing various ways to get that info but seems like it should just work being that LOGONSERVER is a known core item in the OS. I got this working ENVVAR=row-text:Logon Server,key:logonserver but looks like a workaround and I am looking to upgrade 10k+ computers to 2.9.0 from 1.5.1...

      Started by: rtrussrtruss in: Desktop Info

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Viewing 2 topics - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)
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