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        I have a Western Digital SN750 NVME drive. Back in April I discovered SDIO, while trying to track down an updated driver. I ended up letting SDIO update other drivers. One of those drivers it installed was a Western Digital NVME driver over the standard Microsoft driver.

        While in a game last night, the game crashed, and when I tried to restart the game, I got an error that Windows couldn’t find the file. The NVME drive was not showing up in Explorer or device manager at all.

        I restarted the PC and it was back, but it had me concerned something was wrong. I had the Western Digital dashboard software installed, but I hadn’t used it since I installed the drive. I ran it, and it didn’t see the drive. I checked for an update, and there was a newer version but it still didn’t see the drive.

        I checked the Device Manager again to make sure everything was back, when I noticed that the driver SDIO installed was for the SN730. Uninstalling that and letting Windows put its driver back, now the WD Dashboard sees the drive and I was able to run a test on it, and it was fine.

        I doubt the driver caused the issue, it’s probably just Windows being Windows. The only noticeable issue caused by the driver is the WD Dashboard software being unable to detect the drive.

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          I have a WD SA510, different model but that thing dies on me on a regular basis. I’ve heard a number of reports of flakey WD nvme drives. A power recycle brings it back. A firmware update seemed to reduce the problems but it still flakes out every so often. I’ll be replacing it as soon as i can with a different brand.

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