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        Hello Glen

        I appreciate the new Desktop Info build 3.9 and would like to suggest some changes/additions for the ‘special W build’:

        Please add an option to remove the ‘navigation bar’. As we would like to use only 1 page, we would like to hide or remove the 3 navigation buttons .

        Position of the global image:
        There should be a option to place a logo on top of the form at the same position the old logo element. I did not manage to place our logo at the desired place.

        Form size:
        It would be very nice if the size of the form could be set in the config file.

        Best regards,

        Markus Lobsiger (lobsi)

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          I’ll probably add a [options-w] section… but only if you learn to spell my name correctly 🙂

          the IMAGE seems to be working for me. perhaps you can explain more what you need and post a code snippet.

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            Hello Glenn, 🙂

            Thank you very much for the new [options-w] section in Version 3.10, the options work great!

            Now we are able to hide the toolbar and set the dimensions of the form to the desired values.
            I apologize, the problem with the IMAGE was homemade, our logo is working fine by now.

            We noticed that the options to center the form no longer work when using DesktopInfo64W.exe (our settings in section [options-w]: centerv=1 and centerh=1). Could you please check these settings?

            New question:
            Is it possible to match the font size on buttons to the size of the text fields? The differences can be seen on the attached screenshot.

            Best regards,
            Markus Lobsiger

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              I’ll look into it shortly…

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