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        I’ve been testing/playing around with Desktop Info (DI) for some time.
        It as a great tool, and much more convenient than doing the same (WMI) queries in batch or powershell.

        But, there is a couple of feature I would really like to see, so I’ll be brazen enough to post a couple of feature requests.

        1. General support for variables.
        The set=key:something,value:somethingelse

        Case in point:
        I currently have 12 different INI files for DI, the main reason being that there are different levels of detail I want to look at in different situations.
        F.ex. I have a “main” window, and “CPU” window (I always use /f). The main window show a general overview, but if I want to track/look at each SMT, I use the CPU window.
        It’s just not possible to get all that information in one window.

        I also varies the interval, so, it would be very nice to use variables, to define the interval in one line in the ini.

        2. “include” function for the ini file
        Because I use different ini’s, but they all share the section defining settings and variables, I have to copy any changes to all files.

        If it was possible to make an “include” setting (like lib/header files in C), I could use one file to define the settings, and then reference it in all the other files.

        Just some thoughts!

        Kind regards,

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          1. i will assume all of that boils down to “it would be very nice to use variables, to define the interval in one line in the ini.”

          I think that’s do-able.

          2. ini file include function.

          should be do-able. it would be a blind include. in other words it won’t try and merge the ini files, it will literally insert the contents of one file into the given spot of the other before it parses it. it’s up to you to make sure it makes sense.

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