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      Looking for a way to display UWF on Dell Thin Clients as a percentage of Consumed/Total (3072) similar to your RAM.
      I’ve got the WMI working below.
      Apologies, I am not a programmer or code guru so any help would be appreciated

      PHYSICALRAM=active:7,interval:5,threshold1:3 80 0000FF,chart:bar linear 100 3 80,bar-colors:%Green% %Yellow% %Red%,display:%1[3.1B]B / %2[3.1B]B (%3% used)|
      WMI=active:7,interval:5,text:UWF AvailableSpace,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,display:%AvailableSpace% MB
      WMI=active:7,interval:5,text:UWFConsumption,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,display:%OverlayConsumption% MB
      WMI=active:7,interval:5,text:UWFConsumption,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,chart:bar linear 105 4 80,bar-colors:%Green% %Yellow% %Red%

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      ok, i’m not familiar with UWF and I can’t test this but here goes…

      Class: UWF_Overlay
      Contains the current size of the Unified Write Filter (UWF) overlay and manages the critical and warning thresholds for the overlay size.

      The current size, in megabytes, of the UWF overlay.

      The amount of free space, in megabytes, available to the UWF overlay.

      To display the amount of free space as a percentage:
      display: {{%AvailableSpace% * 100 / %OverlayConsumption%}}

      The bar chart would look like:
      chart:bar linear 105 {{%AvailableSpace% * 100 / %OverlayConsumption%}} 80

      No expressions on the max value yet, coming soon.

      To display the amount of used space as a percentage:
      display: {{(%OverlayConsumption% – %AvailableSpace%) * 100 / %OverlayConsumption%}}

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      Thank you much!…I played around and got below customized with some bar charts if anyone comes across this in the future.

      PHYSICALRAM=active:1,interval:5,threshold1:3 80,color:%Silver%,chart:bar linear 100 3 50 bar-colors:%Green% %Yellow% %Red%,display:%1[3.1B]B / %2[3.1B]B (%3% used)|
      Comment=text: ,
      WMI=active:1,interval:5,color:%Silver%,text:UWF Overlay Size,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,display:{{%CriticalOverlayThreshold%+1}} MB
      WMI=active:1,interval:5,color:%Silver%,text:UWF Available Space,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,display:%AvailableSpace% MB
      WMI=active:1,interval:5,color:%Silver%,text:UWF Consumption,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,display:%OverlayConsumption% MB
      WMI=active:1,interval:5,text:,color:%RadRed%,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,display:{{Round(%OverlayConsumption% / (%CriticalOverlayThreshold%+1) * 100)}}% of UWF Overlay Consumed
      WMI=active:1,interval:5,text:,namespace:root\standardcimv2\embedded,query:UWF_Overlay,display:%OverlayConsumption% of {{%CriticalOverlayThreshold%+1}},chart:bar linear 3072 4 80 bar-colors:%Green% %Yellow% %Red%

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