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    Don’t know if this a bug or expected behavior.

    I have the following in my desktopinfo.ini
    # disks
    FIXEDDISK=active:1,interval:10,color:ffbb77,chart:none linear 100 7 90,threshold1:7 90 0000FF,count:3,display:%1: %3[1.0B]B/%5[1.0B]B (%7% used),filter:
    DISKIO=active:0,interval:5,chart:none log 23 1 00ffff 2 ffff00,threshold1:1 4000000 0000FF,threshold2:2 4000000 0055ff,display:r:%1[3.1b]B/s\, w:%2[3.1b]B/s\, q:%3

    Whats happens is that the fixeddisk are not initialized
    fixeddisk n/a

    I had to activate the first FIXEDDISK once and save then I could deactivate it to get the wanted result
    FIXEDDISK correct

    When I change the name of the first FIXEDDISK to something else then FIXEDDISK is correct from the initial startup. I would have thought that active:0 would not be interpreted on startup.

    I renamed the first FIXEDDISK item reference so its ok for me but am I correct that active:0 is still being processed?

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    yes, it is being loaded but not activated causing confusion. If you want to keep an old line in the ini file for reference, I suggest using a comment instead, that is, put a # at the start of the line.

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