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      I am new to Snappy Driver Installer Origin and used it update my Windows 10 Pro but I came across some driver files which i dont think my PC need but SDIO detected for my PC.
      So I am in dilemma should I download and install these not required (or unnecessary) driver files ?
      I am looking for the answer !!

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      That’s pretty vague. You would have to define “unnecessary”.

      The drivers that SDIO lists to be installed or updated can be controlled using the checkboxes available when you select Expert mode. In your case, I recommend you use “Not Installed” and “Better Match”.

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      I installed new version (1.10.0) of Snappy Driver Installer Origin. What should I do to correctly install new drivers..Plz provide me some guide!

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      Read the manual included with the application.

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      hey mQ27

      from what i have gathered, this application/driver pack is mainly aimed at technicians as a rescue/boot type thing.

      i too, did not want to download a whole bunch of drivers i didn’t need so i just downloaded the app.

      as soon as i opened it, there were immediately 53 drivers/packs that were available, even though there was no sign of any scan having taken place. a bit baffled, i then assumed it must just be really good at scanning really quickly. still, this didn’t explain why, of everything listed, only one entry was applicable to my pc.

      still, i thought maybe you’re just supposed to download them all and some (secondary?) scan takes place later that matches what your pc is missing against the stuff you’ve just downloaded so i started the download (like 25Gb or something, at torrent-pace).

      that’s when i started going through this site for information about how this thing actually works or how to use it, which eventually led me to the forum and, tg, your post and ultimately, Glenn’s advice to read the manual, which i just glossed over.

      phew! i stopped the download and just checked the ‘indexes’ item, which was the only one relevant to my pc (and it was only 16Mb). this is when the app pretty much starts to work/show the interface that you see in screenshots.

      the indexes thing helps find the drivers relevant to your pc.

      i hope others find this helpful.

      Glenn, thanks for producing a driver hunter without ads. It shouldn’t be this hard to find one. don’t know what’s wrong with people and no, I don’t wan’t to hear about ‘hard working people need to eat’ because it’ll only lead to a flame war.


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