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    Also, another question about the threshold color. I want to change the color to 000099 instead of 0000FF. I’ve entered the color on the applicable lines, but it only seems to work on some. For example:
    DISKIO=active:1,interval:10,style:b,chart:1,threshold:10240,tcolor:000099,display:r:%1[3.1b]B/s\, w:%2[3.1b]B/s\
    works fine, but
    PHYSICALRAM=active:1,interval:5,style:b,chart:1,threshold:75,tcolor:000099,display:%1[3.1b]B / %2[3.1b]B (%3%)
    still shows as 0000FF when the threshold is crossed. Any idea what’s causing this?

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    You didn’t state what version you have so I assume 1.9.2. I tried your config and it changed color as expected.

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    Yes, I have 1.9.2

    I did a little more testing and confirmed what I thought I was seeing by sampling a screenshot with GIMP. One of the colors is definitely being misrepresented. The misrepresentation is present no matter what I set the color code to, although it doesn’t seem to be off by a standard same amount. Also tried removing the background transparency, but still the same issue.

    And if it makes a difference, I accidentally switched the two lines above. PHYSICALRAM displays fine, but DISKIO is off.

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    How do you mean ‘misrepresented’? What is it actually displaying? What does gimp think the color is?

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    You can see it in this screenshot here:

    The tcolor value is the same for the entire Desktop Info config (000099 in BGR). Physical Ram & Page Faults display correctly, but the color for Disk IO is off. When I sample it, GIMP tells me it is 630000 (or 000063 in BGR).

    But as I mentioned above, it’s not consistent. If I change the tcolor value to 990000 (in BGR) for example, then the Disk IO color changes to 0f1b30 (in BGR).

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