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        It would be really nice to be possible for the contributors & users of SDIO to communicate in real time, so i created a SDIO Telegram group. Plus, i found no way of contacting you (main dev Glenn) There are many Telegram groups for various open source projects. If you (main dev) have a telegram, please join the group or create an account so i can make you an admin. If you don’t want this, i can as well remove it, but i will make you an “owner” and you can remove me as admin if you want. Group:

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          I’ll drop in and have a look. I’m happy for you or someone else to run it. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on this project but I’ll add what I can, though I don’t know how useful I’ll be.

          I’ve added links on the web site to the Telegram group and this forum. Maybe that will help.

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            Awesome! i think the community will grow. i made you a group owner now. Also, thanks that you added telegram and forum icons! i had to manually find this forum haha

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