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        Windows 10 Pro 22H2 [v10.0.19045.2965]

        I have been using SDIO for about 3 years without any bigger problems.
        But two days ago I could’t install all updates with SDIO.

        The last update started to generate a System Error that still blocks SDIO for me:
        “A stack-based buffer overflow was detected. This can give users who want to cause
        damage control over the program.”

        Now it doesn’t matter which update I try to install. I’m getting the same System
        Error all the time. I did’t find anything on internet about this specific error.

        Attaches two log files from tonight and a print screen with the system error.

        I hope you can help me solve the problem.

        Best regards from
        Charles Millqvist

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          the logs didn’t get posted. can you zip them and try again. Can you say the events that lead up to the error message?

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            Hello Glenn!

            Sorry for the late reply!

            Was updating my drivers, when the error message suddenly popped up.

            Due to my postcovid is going my cognitive ability is up and down these days.

            Otherwise I would not have missed to compress the logfiles.

            Now you get them compressed. Hope they explain what happened.

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