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    Is anyone familiar with Syslog in the Windows environment? Would it be useful for DTI to send threshold warnings back to syslog?

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    Brad Arnold

    That would be very interesting indeed.
    I can see some “comparison” use between this and another data source.

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    I have no idea how to do it, someone asked me about it ages ago. Is there a Windows syslog server I can set up to play with?

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    Brad Arnold

    In the past, before they were purchased by Solarwinds, I’ve used the KiwiSyslog server.
    But now I use PRTG. (There is a free version of PRTG.) But with PRTG, syslogging is just a component, so it might be more work than it’s worth to set up.
    And, while I’ve not used its syslog functionality, TheDude (yes, that’s it’s name) apparently does have syslogging.

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