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        Hi. First of all, thanks for making this great utility. I would like to make some suggestions about features that I think would be interesting in Desktop Info:

        – Possibility to align items to the center of the columns.

        – An option for LOGICALDRIVES / PHYSICALDRIVES to open Windows Explorer by clicking on each displayed drive. Explorer would open with the drive path.

        – A new item to show processes with network activity.

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          Good suggestions:

          1. put “text-align=1” in the [options] section
          2. I seem to recall trying that before but I’ll have another look.
          3. Like TOPPROCESSCPU but for network, TOPPROCESSNET ? Seems like something worth exploring.

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            Thank you very much for the quick reply.

            1. But with that I get align to right not center the text.
            2. It would be great.
            3. Yes, something like that. I’ve been trying to do it using “netstat -b” but I can’t get it to show just the process name to not overload the information displayed.

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              1. you want this?

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                  Yes, but I’m using only the right column. I’d like to be able to center some elements in that column, like the titles of each section, but keep the results aligned to the left.

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                  ok, i’ll raise a bug and look into it.

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                    I’ve added center option to ALIGN and TEXT-ALIGN item options. It works for left and/or right column and wide mode. Doesn’t work on controls yet. I’ve also added ALIGN and TEXT-ALIGN KEY WORDS to make it easier to set alignment for a block of items.

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                      3. it seems there’s no windows performance counters that will give network activity per process. I notice netstat doesn’t do that either. Netstat does show network connections and the executable associated with each connection but no throughput stats. I think I can emulate netstats using the GetExtendedTcpTable API call.

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                        This is part 1. It is a basic implementation of GetExtendedTcpTable. It shows a list of processes that have active network connections and processes that are listening.

                        I believe the tool you mentioned tracks the network activity of each application by module name rather than process id. The up side is when an application goes away and comes back, the counting continues, the down side is multiple connections within the application or multiple processes of the same application are counted as one.

                        The alternative is tracking by process id which is much more granular but also makes the list a whole lot bigger in the case of a browser for example.

                        Part 2, I think, is implement process network activity tracking.

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                          My suggestions, plz:
                          1. Clear keyboard buffer after return from CONTROL
                          2. Cut leading and ending spaces (
                          for ex., PHYSICALDRIVES, %13 “manufacturer’s serial number” contains leading spaces

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                              1. You’ll have to explain this some more.
                              2. This will be available in the next release under the guise of regular expression support.

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                                first lastfirst last

                                  1. Create my.cmd with:
                                  2. Add config line:
                                  3. Click on control button, run my.cmd and press “Space”
                                  4. DesktopInfo switches the active page. It looks like I press “Space” in DesktopInfo itself.

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                              Hi! Maybe my problem is related to the issue reported above.

                              I have some controls in my script as follows:

                              When I click in a button, the focus stay over it and an unexpected automatic action is triggered.

                              E.g.: If I click the prompt (CMD) button, the prompt opens correctly. If I click to close it, changing the focus, everything is fine. But if I type exit and hit Enter, the prompt is closed and the CMD source folder (system32) is opened.

                              If I put the lock screen button in the first position, the machine enters in a lock looping. You click to lock, it works, but when you type password and hits Enter, you login and are logged out again, as if the focus is locked over the lock button and it’s automatically triggered when you login, locking the machina again.

                              I searched the forum on the subject without success.

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                                The keyboard buffer issue is an interesting one. The solution is not obvious. The controls react to keypress as they should, as does any Windows program. What’s missing is the focus rectangle. In fact you can use the TAB key to move the focus to the next control, you just can’t see the focus rectangle but it’s still doing it.

                                Remember DTI merely starts the external process and goes right back to pondering it’s navel. It’s not waiting around for the external process to end, it’s long forgotten about it. So the issue seems to be that at some arbitrary point in time DTI receives a key down message from Windows and dutifully sends it to the control that currently has focus.

                                You can test this:

                                Click on one of the CONTROLS then close that window.
                                Press the SPACE bar and watch the first CONTROL trigger. This is the control that has focus. Close that window.
                                Press TAB then SPACE and watch the next CONTROL trigger.
                                Press TAB then SPACE again and watch the next CONTROL trigger.
                                Click on the cmd.exe CONTROL, type exit and enter. Watch the control with focus trigger.

                                In other words, DTI is behaving exactly the way a Windows program is supposed to behave. The problem is Windows (cmd.exe) keeps keystrokes in the keyboard buffer when it probably shouldn’t.

                                So the question is, should DTI respond to key presses at all and exactly how should it respond?

                                Perhaps an option to ignore external keystrokes?

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