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      Trying to figure out how to use the snapshot feature to output a file (for use on the lock screen). I can’t find an example of usage anywhere, maybe someone could give me the code to use it please?


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      the simplest version would look like this:


      which creates a jpg the same size as the DTI display.

      After that, there are various options noted in the manual to alter the size and look of the output file.

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      thank you so much! i was able to export it. I do have a few more questions if you wouldn’t mind:

      If i wanted to scale desktop info in size up, i would do that using other item references right? Currently, it shows up quite small on my background image being exported.

      Also, if i wanted to import/export to a directory with spaces, how could i do that? I.E.: outfile:”C:\test 1 2 3\test.png”?

      Thanks so much again! This application is amazing.

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      it doesn’t do scaling. that might be something to be added later. the width and height will change the overall dimensions of the jpg while top and left will adjust the placement of the DTI snapshot within the new size. have a play to see how it works.

      spaces in the path are ok. the path ends at the next comma or the end of the line.

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      thanks for he help! really appreciate it!

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