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      Hi, I use snappy to update driver machines in my workshop. I configured it to work in unatended from my network storage,but I have a problem – when the updates are installed often network devices go offline for a moment becouse o new drivers. Is there a way to make snappy wait for resources to become available again or run It in multiple passes?

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      So what exactly goes wrong when the network goes offline?

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      It doesn’t install drivers – goes down the list becouse it can’t find source files and then autocloses. If network is back up fast enough it will install drivers from random point auto closes. (autoclose becouse of -autoclose switch)

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      So the network goes out when the network drivers are updated. I imagine you could write a script or two to update the network drivers first using the ‘select’ command then do everything else.

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      I also can go out with chipset drivers (becouse network od connected through chipset) It would be easier to jest have It run multiple times/passes. Aby ideas?

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      First of all a big thank you to the community and of course to Glenn for this brilliant tool.

      I am an integrator in France, and I use this tool every day.
      I actually started many years ago with successive versions of sdi then SDIO.

      So I come back to the same problems as Michal.
      Before I launched the updates of drivers from a network assembly. At the time, when the update involved a network driver, sdi seemed to wait for the network to return and then continued.
      Now one or the other closes with certain drivers. SDIO must be restarted several times.

      Like Michal, it seems to me that today the symptom is more prominent, as it also seems to recur when updating chipset or lan.

      But ideally we should look at the logs and the hardware used together.

      I forgot, with this problem, I now copy the SDIO drivers to the client’s pc before installation, but the problem is still there.

      In short, I had to change my automation habits and that of my colleagues.
      – Windows installation, restart
      – Windows update, restart
      – SDI, several times, restart
      – launch of my main batch.



      D’abord un grand merci à la communauté et bien sûr à Glenn pour cette outil génial.

      Je suis intégrateur en France, et j’utilise tous les jours cet outil.
      J’ai effectivement commencé depuis de nombreuses années par les versions successives de sdi puis SDIO.

      Je reviens donc sur les mêmes problèmes que Michal.
      Avant je lançais les mises à jour de drivers à partir d’un montage réseau. A l’époque, lorsque la mise à jour concerné un pilote réseau, sdi semblait attendre le retour du réseau puis continué.
      Maintenant l’un ou l’autre se ferme avec certains drivers. il faut relancer plusieurs fois SDIO.

      Comme Michal, il me semble qu’aujourd’hui, le symptôme est plus important, car il a l’air aussi de se reproduire lors de mise à jour de chipset ou lan.

      Mais il faudrait dans l’idéal de regarder ensemble les logs et le matériel utilisé.

      J’oublié, avec ce souci, je copie donc maintenant les drivers SDIO dans le pc du client avant installation, mais le souci est quand même là.

      Bref j’ai dû changer mes habitudes d’automatisation et celle de mes collègues.
      – installation Windows, redémarrage
      – Windows update, redémarrage
      – SDI, plusieurs fois, redémarrage
      – lancement de mon batch principale.


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      I think it would be good to test the availability of the next driver pack and wait for a while before moving on.

      User Option: Test the availability of the required driver pack before attempting installation.
      User Option: Retries. Set the number of 5 second retries before failing and moving on.

      Before SDIO begins a driver installation, test the required driver pack is readable. If this test fails, pause for 5 seconds and try again. Do this as many times as configured before failing the driver installation.

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      I’ve added the availability test to the next release.

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