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      The 1968 driver shows up for 5 of my drivers. All located in DP_Chipset_20083.7z

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      now that’s an old driver…

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      Intel on purpose set an impossible date (1968) to make them unpreferred but actually they are recent drivers.

      Intel was founded on July 18, 1968.

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      So what are they used for?

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      Actually I prefer them, I care only about version and not date.
      They are also installed by Windows Update if there aren’t already other drivers, it is probably just to avoid overwriting OEM specific drivers.

      Put also an additional case, to prefer version, where Intel still support 2 version branches.
      Example (not real versions, just an example):
      – 10.1.10 (first to release)
      – 10.2.1 (second to release)
      – 10.1.14 (third to release)

      In this example 10.1.14 have the most recent date but it is only a minor fix for the 10.1 branch where 10.2.1 is the most recent albeit with inferior date.

      In my opinion there are only rare cases where the date matters, it is when the versioning scheme is changed.
      The only case of changed version scheme that I know is “Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface” where:
      – The old version scheme is like this: 1915.4.0.1049
      – The new version scheme is: 1.37.2020.426

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      Well I’m glad that’s cleared up! O-)

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      Good that Snappy doesn’t assume date is all there is.

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      I noticed this strange phenomenon some months ago when I built my new PC and had numerous drivers dated 07/18/1968 after a clean installation. I think you’ll find that they are all registers from the System Devices section of Device Manager.

      As strange as it may seem, this is the reason given from Intel.

      Intel Chipset Device Software uses an unusual date for the devices it is targeting. The date 07/18/1968 is symbolic – Intel was founded that day. The reason this date is used is to lower the rank of Intel Chipset Device Software. This is necessary because it’s a supporting utility that should not overwrite any other drivers. Updating Intel Chipset Device Software is not needed.


      For more info, have a read of this Station Drivers thread.

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      Fair enough. Thanks guys!

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