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      dzek dzekdzek dzek

        I downloaded v 1.12.17 yestarday, this is first time I use this app. I downloaded all the drivers pack, but I omitted video and printer drivers when extracting.

        The app is hanging forever on indexing some of the drivers. This happens on fresh install of Windows 7 Pro and fresh install of Windows 10 Pro.

        I tried removing some of the drivers and I narrowed down the issue to folders starting with letters between P and S. But I needed to finish my task, so I stooped further investigation.

        Can you look at it?

        The app itself is responsive, I can for example change theme when the indexing is stuck. The process is hanging while printing different path though, so I cannot pinpoint the problematic path like that.

        When it gets stuck and I minimize (or unfocus?) then bring back the app then the indexing bar disappears and I see nothing in the main app area.

        I don’t have the ini or logs anymore. I removed everything. I hope you are still able to replicate the issue. If not I will try it when I’ll have some free time.

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          I’ll look into it.

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