SDIO is 10 times slower on Win 10 compared to Win 7

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        I bought an old laptop, with the need to run old software, so installed both Win7 and Win10 on it.

        When I run SDIO, regardless of drivers packs installed Windows 7 the indexing process is very smooth on Win 7 – I feel it’s as fast as could be expected. However on Win 10 this is around 10 times slower. Yes, the laptop has first gen i5, but the OS itself runs fast, there are no slowdowns anywhere – only SDIO is terribly slow when indexing.

        Installed disk is SSD.

        For a huge pack of drivers (all except video and printer drivers) it takes around 10 minutes to scan. On Win7 it’s about a minute.

        SDIO version 1.12.17.

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          Everything is 10 times slower on windows 10 than it is on windows 7.

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