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      I received a report today that SDIO is flagged with a trojan by Kaspersky and a couple of others.

      Be assured there is no trojan in the application, it is a false positive. This was most likely flagged because the code signing certificate has expired. I didn’t receive a renewal notice so I was blissfully unaware.

      I’ll get the certificate renewed asap and ship a new release. This could be a few days or a few weeks depending on how difficult Comodo want to be this week.

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      Christopher SouterChristopher Souter

      I wouldn’t trust Kaspersky any further than I could throw them.
      I haven’t used any of their apps since about 2012, when an upgrade caused a total loss of all the entries in my password manager database.
      When I complained about it on their forum, I was kicked off, so I completely uninstalled their software, and I shall never again have anything to do with them.

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      Agreed. Unfortunately, many people still regard them as legitimate.

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      Hopefully 1.12.4 will fix this.

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