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      Sven Bakker

      Somehow SDIO can not connect to the internet. Windows firewall is allowed. The computer is in a corporate domainnetwork with a proxy. Does SDIO contact some shady website (torrent) that is possibly blocked by the proxy-people?

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      SDIO uses torrent technology to do it’s updates. Unfortunately some people conflate torrent with illegal activity and so it doesn’t surprise me that some corporate domains block torrent traffic.

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      sven bakker

      Thanx for the reply. Can you give me something i can tell the proxy-people to unblock?

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      If the network crew has blocked torrents, they’ll know how to unblock it. You can adjust the port used on the Options dialog, Updates page. Go there to see what port it’s using and change it if you need to. I’ve heard of some people using port 80 in extreme circumstances.
      You can also switch off automatic updates from here.

      If they don’t want to help out, trying to circumvent the restrictions won’t end well. You might be better off keeping a portable drive and updating it offsite once a month.

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      Sven Bakker

      Thanx for the info. Keeping the drivers on a portable drive is probably the way to go.

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      Brian Cummings

      It is a rather common thing to block torrents, We are an IT services company, and we do.
      This looks like it would be perfect to run after an MDT install, so as not to cause gigantic MDT images.

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