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      I have DesktopInfo configured to show on the top left of the screen (top=50, right=50) on a remote VM. When I connect and Logon using RDP or RDP Connection Manager, the remote desktop will have the resolution of my current screen, and DesktopInfo positions accordingly.

      However, if I now disconnect the session (without logging off) and reconnect using a different screen/resolution, DesktopInfo does NOT reposition and may remain offscreen if the new resolution is lower than the previous one. It positions itself on user logon, but not on reconnect.

      Can this be fixed please? Perhaps by listening to SystemEvents.DisplaySettingsChanged?


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      please supply

      Windows version
      VM software
      DTI version
      ini file (renamed to .txt)

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      Settings file attached.
      DTI v3.1.0 build 4074

      Happens both on Win10 Pro 20H2 and WinServer 2019 v1809.
      Happens both with Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7 (RDCMan) and the default RDP Client on Win10 (mstsc).

      I use RDPMan with DesktopSize=”Same as client area” so that the remote resolution adjusts to whatever the RDPMan window size is. But with MSTSC, I just select a standard resolution (or full screen) and it still happens – DTI never repositions on reconnect.

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      I haven’t been able to reproduce this behaviour. With Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.83, the remote desktop is notified of the required desktop resolution on connection and sends a WM_SETTINGCHANGE which DTI responds to appropriately. MSTSC behaves much the same.

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      I did some more tests – it looks like this only happens after I manually drag DTI’s window, so it’s no longer in the default location. If I don’t do that (normal case), then it correctly repositions when a session connects.

      This is OK and good behavior. Sorry for the false alarm!

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      No worries. yeah, DTI won’t reset it’s position after you’ve dragged it.

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