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      Thomas HirschThomas Hirsch

        First of all – a great thank you for providing an excellent and very userful tool.
        Can I just say Wow! I love it!

        is there a a way to remove the desktop wallpaper and set the desktop color to any rgb value choosen?

        The use case behind:
        We often have a group of (similiar – and similiear named) servers, which were operate in a ‘production’, ‘test’, ‘staging’ and ‘development’ version.
        Now, when having logins/Remote-Desktops to same functional server but from different environment, I want to clearly indicate by color of background the environment, the servver belongs to: e.g.
        production: red(ish)
        test: green(ish)
        staging: yellow(ish)
        development: blue(ish)
        This is to prevent the user/admin to accidentially take an action on a production-server, when it was meant to be for another environment.
        switching back and forth between sessions while having open multiple sessions to multiple servers of different environments clearly has the potential for catastrophic fails and having different background colors will really help in avoiding (or at least reducing) that risk.

        Best would be it this can be done in the items section of the ini-file, so we can use ONE .ini and decide dynamically the background based on some query/variable then.

        What do you think? Can this be implemented?

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          Manipulating the Windows wallpaper, or in fact doing anything other than showing data, is outside the domain of Desktop Info.

          Having said that, I did a quick google and there might be a way to do something using powershell. You would obviously need sufficient privileges to do it.

          We can insert this kind of thing into Desktop Info with an IF statement if it is running with correct privileges.

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            Thomas HirschThomas Hirsch

              Hmm, what about to use What’s already in? E.g.: set/extend the ‘form-area’ to the resolution/size of the current Desktop/Monitors?

              I can set the the color of the form and transparency to 0%, 10% or what’s best working with the given background then..

              Currently the form is not covering the whole screen.
              So maybe some ‘border-width’ Option for the current form-size (resulting from display directives already set).
              So if the ‘normal’, resulting form size is e.g. 400 x 600 px ‘centered’ and adding 1000px border size the form is now 2400 x 2600 ‘centered’ (possibly ‘clipped’ if bigger then actual sreen size) and as such coverst the whole screen, blending in the choosen form-background-color and transparency.

              This way DTI avoids having to fiddle with setting/changing the desktop wallpaper-/background-settings and can use its current functions.

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              interesting idea. I’ll have a look today or so and see if that’s feasible.

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                I haven’t forgotten, just really busy right now. I’ve added FORMCOLOR to the [items] so it can be used inside a BEGIN-ONLOAD block. I’ll figure out a similar thing to make the background form sizeable.

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                Thomas HirschThomas Hirsch

                  Thank you for the feedack albeit beeing busy – very well appreciated.
                  Take your time – I will wait patiently.

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                    I tried a few things this morning but I can’t get anything to sit behind the desktop icons. Even when attached to the desktop window, I’m on top of the icons.

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