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    i try to get the RAM chart working, but i am not able to get it.
    The configuration from an old version is not working.

    Here is my code:
    PHYSICALRAM=active:1,,interval:5,chart:line linear 100 1 00ff00 2 0000bb,interval:30,color:ffd0e0,threshold1:3 100 0000FF,display:%1[3.1b]B / %2[3.1b]B (%3% used)

    But the line for current used RAM is not displayed.

    Please help.

    Regards, Marco

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    you have set the max value to 100 and set the first series to 1, which is the used ram. Given that used ram is normally in the order of gigabytes and the max value is 100, the chart will never display anything. I suspect you want to use the “percent used” value for the first series:

    PHYSICALRAM=active:1,interval:30,chart:line linear 100 3 00ff00,color:ffd0e0,threshold1:3 100 0000FF,display:%1[3.1b]B / %2[3.1b]B (%3% used)

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