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      Privacy/Anti Big Tech alternatives:

      Public Social Media: Gab
      Private Social Media page: Telegram
      Social Media for communities: Locals
      Private Cell Phone Messaging: Signal
      Group Cell Phone Messaging: Telegram (whatsapp is big tech)
      Web Browser: Dissenter (by gab)
      Private Web Browsing: Tor (don’t log into any web sites or do anything that could identify you while browsing on Tor. There’s lots of malicious people on the Tor network)
      IP Obfuscation: VPN (do research on this, as without, websites know where you live)
      Email: Proton Mail (end to end encrypted in switzerland)
      DNS Server: (most people use google, so google logs your website requests. Use an alternative to google) (your ISP can see your DNS no matter what unless you are tech savvy enough to use DNS encryption technologies)
      Video Platform: GabTV, Bitchute, and potentially Rumble.
      Cell Phones: Potentially Linux Phones or the Gab phone, but for now you’re stuck with mostly Android or Iphone, and for Iphone, you need to jailbreak it in order to install alternative apps that aren’t on the app store, so Android is technically easier, but Android is so bad for privacy I recommend using jailbroken Iphone.
      Cloud Storage: MEGA (by kim dotcom)
      Cloud Hosting VPS and Dedicated Servers: Something in a non 5-eyes country, such as things hosted in the netherlands like LeaseWeb or NForce, but the high end privacy stuff would most likely be hosted in switzerland.
      Desktop Operating Systems: Linux (some better for privacy than others, not really for noobs)

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