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      Michel Lambertmila007

      The PrintManagement.msc does not launch when pressing the Control Key in Desktop Info.
      The command used is :
      CONTROL2=left:125,width:115,display:Print Management,uri:printmanagement.msc

      If I launch Printmanagement.msc from the Command prompt, it starts immediatelly.

      Is there a workaround to the command line above?

      Environment : Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2
      Desktop Info 2.9.0 but same issue with 2.10.2

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      The DesktopInfo.exe process is getting redirected to SysWOW64 (because it is 32 bit) which doesn’t contain the printmanagement.msc file.

      I’m adding code to disable that redirection for the CMD and CONTROL items.

      Meanwhile you can try copying that file from System32 to SysWOW64.

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