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    Joel Cranmer
    30 August, 2018 at 1:50 am
    I just found your program and it’s perfect for what I want! I am trying to add a WMI query for network latency. I got the basics down, but I’m having trouble formatting it. It would be nice to include the address, and units. The graph also doesn’t appear to display anything. Maybe something like this:

    Ping: 13ms (

    Here’s the code:

    # ping test
    WMI=active:1,interval:5,color:ffffff,chart:2,text:Ping,namespace:root\cimv2,query:Win32_PingStatus where Address = ‘’,property:ResponseTime,format:ms

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    This can be achieved with v1.80 using the following entry:

    WMI=active:0,interval:5,lid:pinggoogle,namespace:root\cimv2,query:Win32_PingStatus where address=’’,display:%ResponseTime%ms (

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