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      Windows 10 Home version 2004

      Snappy Driver Installer Origin v1.10.0 > SDIO_1.10.0.729 >
      Drivers > EMPTY
      Indexes > SDI > txt EMPTY

      log_dir=’C:\Users\My Handle\AppData\Local\Temp\SDIO_logs’


      the largest file is 702 Kb

      Downloaded the Driver Pack, 22.5 Gb.
      Update screen shows a list of drivers and a line with “Indexes”. Each line is check-marked and every driver is marked “Missing”. The “drivers” folder is empty, The Temp file doesn’t have the drivers.
      I tried downloading again. I expected the download to go faster since the drivers were already downloaded. It took just as long, again downloading 22.5 Gb.

      I followed your advice I read previously and downloaded TreeSize v4.4.2.514. I was not able to find any recent files adding up to 22.5 Gb. So, where are the drivers on my hard drive?

      What did I do wrong? Please help.

      Thank you very much.

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      when SDIO is downloading updates the partial files are written to the .\update sub-directory. when the download is finished, the complete files are moved to the .\Drivers directory. if the update directory is empty as a result, it will be removed. if the download is cancelled, the partial files are removed. If the program quits during the download, the partial files remain in the update directory.

      try checking only a couple of driver packs at a time, let that complete and get indexed etc and go for a couple more etc….

      if you haven’t already, switch on the console window from the Options->Advanced page. When the download is finished it will output something like the following.

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