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      AvatarCurious James

      So for some reason on my laptop a config file I’ve worked on and tested on the laptop works just how I like it, but on all other machines I’ve copied it to it gives me useful info.

      An example of this is:
      Config Line: BOOTTIME=active:1,interval:0,color:ffffff
      Good Laptop: Boot Time 11/01/2020 15:10:09
      Bad Machine: Boot Time 3

      This happens with Disk space readings, RAM, and a few others.

      I can’t help but think this is due to me having installed some pre-requisit component by accident from developing on this laptop, but I’m not sure if that is the case, much less which component this would be.

      I’d love whatever help anyone can provide on this, it’s been driving me crazy for months!

      FYI I’m running 2.1 but tested 2.2 as well on the ‘bad’ machine and that didn’t resolve it.

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      AvatarCurious James

      I should add that all machines I’ve tried it on are windows 10, including my working laptop.

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      is that the actual config you are using? I’m not sure exactly when BOOTTIME changed from a set format to configurable but it was some time ago now.

      If you don’t specify the display option, it will default to %1 which is the day of the week. Not very useful. So if the example you’ve given is what you actually use then that will explain the Bad Machine display. How you get the good machine display with that config is a mystery. Make sure you have the latest version on all machines.

      Try the following:
      BOOTTIME=display:%1[ddd] %2 %3[mmm] %4 %5[1.0a]:%6[2.0d] %5[2.0p]

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      AvatarCurious James

      Oh, how bizzare, but yes that is the only line, I was wondering where the display and command for that lived but I assumed it was a keyword picked up by the software and so it took care of it.

      Can you confirm where I can find the documentation (if there is any) on how to setup this display for other things, like the hard drive display is lovely, but I’ve no idea how to replicate it.

      I guess you’re latest example configs have the full display and command set out like you wrote here?

      This is what I have and would like to replicate FYI:

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      it’s all there in the manual in the zip file. you should spend some time studying it. it will be worth your while. the sample ini files have some useful examples.

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