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      I’m trying to create a negative bar chart using a variable as series1 option.

      This variable comes from a powershell script and it’s a simple number and i want that max option of the chart be 74, but being 74 the result of the variable, the bar in DTI is not completely full and i don’t know why.

      I would like that bar chart be completely full when the result of my variable be 74 and goes to red when the result of the variable be 10 or minus.

      My code:

      TEXT=text:Password Expiry,text-color:#141414,chart:bar2 scale:linear max:74 series1:%expiry% threshold:-10,display:%expiry% days left,color:#141414

      Thanks a lot.

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      You found a bug in the bar code that calculates the series value as a percentage of the max. That will be fixed in the next release.

      Hint: If you want the bar to be red when the value is 10, you should set the threshold value to around -20. The threshold value is the value at which the bar will *start* to change colour.

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      HI Glenn,

      thanks for your answer.

      Finally i’ve resolved the issue calculating the percentage of the value in series1 field.

      chart:bar2 scale:linear max:100 series1:{{%expiry%*100/74}}


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