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    Currently, on startup, Desktop Info looks for another running instance of itself and shuts down if it finds one.

    I’m starting to question if this is a good thing or not.

    There’s no reason why there can’t be multiple instances running, using the same ini file or different ones. We know the screen saver will quite happily work while DTI is running on the desktop. You could, for example, run DTI on several different monitors of a multi-monitor system showing the same or different information.

    The only function it seems to perform right now is when it detects a second instance it minimizes enough applications to make the first instance visible before closing itself. It’s actually really easy to make DTI visible: you just press WIN+D then tap the WIN key again and DTI pops back on the display.

    So I’m thinking, unless there’s a good reason to keep it, I’m going to remove that multiple instance check in v1.18.

    What do you think?

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    Just make it another option. Check or Not Check!

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